DuPage Housing Authority Wait List Applications


Formally known as the Section 8 Program, the HCV Program provides a subsidy payment on behalf of low-income individuals, families, seniors, veterans and persons with disabilities, for private rental housing units they have chosen.  The payments are made directly to the participating property owners to offset the cost difference between the unit rent amount and what the tenants can pay.  Families with these vouchers typically pay between 30-40% of their annual adjusment income for rent.  


Due to limited funding, completed pre-applications will be selected based on date & time of when they were submitted, plus any applicable preferences. Pre-applications can only be submitted online at:  Interested individuals and families are strongly requested to follow the guidelines and refer to both the Wait List Preferences and the instructions for creating a DHA RENTCafe Account online to fill out and submit the pre-application.  One pre-application limit per individual/family.