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Community Groups and Government/Administrative Offices

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See also: Occupational/Professional Associations, Social Development and Enrichment

5 subcategories for "Community Groups and Government/Administrative Offices"

Administrative Entities

Management offices that serve as headquarters for organizations and which provide services that plan, organize and control the activities of the organization but which offer... (more)

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Administrative/Support Services Offices

Federal, state or local government departments, or offices within large nonprofits or other organizations that are responsible for budget and finance, contracts/procurement,... (more)

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Civic Groups

Clubs, associations and other voluntary organizations whose members are concerned with the general welfare of the community and enhancing the life of its residents. (more)

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Community Action/Social Advocacy Groups

Organizations whose members have joined together on a voluntary basis to promote a particular cause or work for the realization of a specific social or political goal. (more)

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Public Officials Offices

The offices of individuals who have been appointed or elected to a city, county, state or federal public office for a specified tenure and who are thereby in a position to... (more)

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