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7 subcategories for "Community Planning and Public Works"

Building and Safety

Local government offices that administer and enforce building code statutes which provide minimum standards for homes, office buildings and other structures and help to ensure... (more)

TE-1000 - View 36 resources »

Flood/Siltation Control

Programs that are responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of flood control dams, channels, storm drains, debris basins, retention and detention basins,... (more)

TE-2000 - View 3 resources »

Land Use Planning and Regulation Services

Programs that are for responsible researching, establishing, maintaining and overseeing the implementation of general and specific/area plans for land use at regional, county,... (more)

TE-4525 - View 32 resources »

Street Maintenance

Programs that are responsible for maintenance and repair of streets, highways, bicycle paths, bridges, pedestrian overpasses and other public byways; placement and maintenance... (more)

TE-8000 - View 40 resources »

Waste Management Services

Programs that are responsible for the collection, separation, storage, transportation, transfer, processing, treatment and environmentally safe disposal or recycling of solid... (more)

TE-8920 - View 24 resources »

Water Supply System

Programs that are responsible for developing, maintaining and operating the system of aqueducts, reservoirs, channels, pipelines, mains, laterals, curb boxes and pumping and... (more)

TE-8935 - View 28 resources »

Weed Abatement/Brush Control

Programs that enforce the responsibility of property owners to clear hazardous weeds or chaparral from their yards and lots by notifying them when weeds and brush have reached... (more)

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