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6 subcategories for "Disaster Services"

Disaster Management Organizations

Public and private organizations that are responsible for the organized analysis, planning, decision making, assignment and coordination of available resources involved in the... (more)

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Disaster Mitigation

Programs that provide services which enable individuals and organizations to make physical preparations prior to a disaster or large-scale emergency which will prevent or... (more)

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Disaster Preparedness

Activities, programs and systems developed prior to an emergency that support community readiness and resiliency assessment; development and testing of disaster plans;... (more)

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Disaster Relief Services

Programs that facilitate the exchange of information and/or provide short-term assistance, usually in the form of food, clothing, blankets, temporary shelter, furnishings,... (more)

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Disaster Response Services

Organizations that are responsible for taking actions before, during and after the onset of a major disaster or large-scale emergency that will end the emergency, preserve... (more)

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Disaster Warnings

Programs that issue alerts, advisories and warnings to inform the public of an impending event such as a major fire, flood, hurricane or tornado which has the potential to... (more)

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