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4 subcategories for "Veterinary Services"

Emergency Veterinary Services

Programs that provide 24-hour emergency veterinary and critical care services which may include onsite lab procedures, radiology, surgery, monitoring and hospitalization for... (more)

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Neuter/Spay Services

Programs that surgically alter animals to prevent them from reproducing. "Spay" refers to the surgical removal of the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes of a female animal; ... (more)

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Rabies Vaccinations

Programs that inoculate animals to prevent them from contracting rabies, an acute viral disease that attacks the nervous system of warm-blooded animals, is uniformly fatal... (more)

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Well Animal Checkups

Programs that conduct routine physical examinations, administer vaccines, test for parasites, perform a dental check and conduct whatever other tests may be necessary to... (more)

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