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5 subcategories for "Personal Enrichment"

Conflict Resolution Training

Programs that provide training for school children and others which teaches them techniques for resolving disagreements before they escalate to violence. (more)

PH-6200.1550 - View 1 resources »

Family Life Education

Programs that offer educational workshops that cover a range of family-living issues and help participants develop the knowledge and skills they will need to better handle... (more)

PH-6200.2000 - View 1 resources »

Life Coaching

Programs that offer the services of a "life coach" who helps people articulate their dreams, clarify their mission in life, identify specific goals, develop concrete action... (more)

PH-6200.4550 - View 1 resources »

Life Skills Education

Programs that offer training which focuses on the knowledge and skills an individual may need to live independently or make a successful transition to independent living.... (more)

PH-6200.4600 - View 4 resources »

Stress Management

Programs that utilize a variety of techniques including demonstration, exercise and discussion to help participants increase their understanding of the conditions and habits... (more)

PH-6200.8400 - View 1 resources »