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Illinois residents who are experiencing homelessness can now have a copy of their Birth Certificate issued to them for free. As of January 2018 following the passage of House Bill 3060, Birth Certificate fees are waived for individuals experiencing homelessness provided that they sign a form verifying their homeless status.  

This Birth Certificate Voucher form should be filled out completely and printed on the letterhead of the organization that is verifying the applicants' homeless status. The completed form can then be mailed to: Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records, 925 East Ridgely Avenue, Springfield, IL 62702-2737. Alternatively, the form can be submitted directly to the applicants' county clerk's office where a birth certificate can be issued. A list of appropriate Illinois County Clerk addresses can be found at  For applicants who need a valid photo identification(ID), the organization assisting the applicant must sign the Homeless Status Certification form for a free standard State of Illinois ID card to be issued.

For questions about this program or for guidance on the process and all requirements, interested individuals and service providers are welcome to contact the Law Project of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless at 1-800-940-1119.