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Beginning in November 2018, the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) will include children experiencing homelessness. According to the updated policy, families that are experiencing homelessness, submit the required Certification of Homelessness Questionnaire (CHQ), and are employed or attending an eligible educational activity, will be approved for CCAP for a 12-month eligibility period, as long as all other eligibility requirements are fulfilled.  Copayment for the family will be set at $1.00 per month for the first 3 months, and will then be re-assessed on the basis of the family's income for the remaining 9 months. 


Families documenting that they are experiencing homelessness will be given an eligibility period of 3 months, even if they are employed or participating in any educational activity. Families must also meet other CCAP eligibility requirements, including:

  • Be Residents of Illinois
  • Children must be younger than 13 years / younger than 18 years with a documented special need for care
  • Family income must be within program guidelines

The documentation requirements for families applying are as follows:

  • Complete, sign, and return the Certification of Homelessness Questionnaire (CHQ) to describe their living situation and to document if they meet the definition of 'homeless'
  • Certify on the CHQ that they have registered with an approved local agency or program within 30 days of the CCAP approval date. 
  • If not registered with an approved local agency, the family must indicate on the CHQ that they plan to do so within 30 days of signing the CHQ